Welcome to my Website

This is a home for you if you are a woman who has…

  • suffered from any kind of physical, mental, are emotional abuse,
  • experienced challenges in overcoming experiences of grief and loss in your life,
  • grown up in a dysfunctional family and are trying to overcome the emotional ties that are holding you back
  • faced discrimination or exploitation in your work, business, or community.

It is also a home for you if you are a woman who wants to…

  • find healing from past traumas of any type
  • find a supportive community of women who have similarly experienced traumas and now want to overcome them;
  • experience personal growth and empowerment;
  • gain a new purpose and mission in life
  • gain support from a renewed feeling of hope, mercy, and spiritual fulfillment through faith.

About me

I will be providing a series of blogs, books, videos, and other materials to inspire you and help you find new tools and technologies for healing and empowerment.   I will also be sending out regular emails and be starting a Facebook group where we can come together and you can share your experiences and ask your questions.


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