The Ministry is designed to help you through these and other oppressive experiences in your life

I know this is possible because I was stripped of everything in 2015 after an abusive relationship filled with violence followed by a devastating financial collapse in the Great Recession.

But then, at the point where I felt utter despair, I found a new hope in a Church that had spiritually mature women elders who lifted me up offered the motherly love that I had lacked throughout my life.

And most importantly, I came to feel and accept Gods love for me as a newborn child who was re born. So then I experienced restoration, redemption, and a new personal relationship with God through my newfound faith.

After I went through this healing and transformation, my career took off and my husband and I began a successful new business flipping homes and I resumed my insurance career to a newfound success.


    Trauma is a gripping story of overcoming

    years of oppression beginning with childhood sexual abuse and experiencing domestic abuse, infidelity, and abduction.