What are the effects of a Narcissistic mother on their daughters? When you imagine a

picturesque mother-daughter relationship, what do you see? What comes to mind ?

Ask yourself did Mom consistently see you as a threat, gaslight you, or treat you as an

extension of herself while growing up?

I speak from personal experience and my journey with my own bio Mom

Do any of these qualities resonate?

 a lack of empathy

 self-centeredness

 verbal aggression

 a lack of insight on how their behaviors affect others

 shame you

 be jealous of you or compete with you

 compare you with your siblings and peers, or favor them over you taking sides

 treat you as an extension of herself

 become infuriated at any perceived threat to her superiority

 gaslight, invalidate, or guilt-trip you

 violate or push your boundaries until you become angry

 play favorites among you and your siblings

 expect credit and praise for raising you.. in ex I raised you etc

 regularly change the topic of discussion toward herself

 put you down to help herself feel better

I became a people-pleaser

I developed people-pleasing tendencies from constantly striving to meet the

needs of my Mother as a child and well all thru adulthood

For me it translated into becoming someone who always wanted to cater

other people’s needs, even if I did not owe them anything.

I constantly neglected my own needs in relationships this weighed heavily on me

Feeling as a burden to them or becoming needy and co dependant

 Even though you may feel like a bother, know that you deserve to be

supported and cared for — by yourself and others this is something healthy

in all relationships.

Avoiding or chasing the love I lacked all my life since birth and experiencing

neglect, abuse, or emotional absence came with having

a mother with narcissistic tendencies . It can make you question whether or not you’re

safe in interpersonal relationships. This ultimately impacts how you navigate love and connect

with others throughout life.

“Insecure attachments tend to take up the form of either avoidant attachment.

I managed many fears by shutting people out of my life and was never able to understand why the or anxious attachment/s

Chasing after love and pursuing the connections I dearly longed for, I ended up

Making wrong choices in choosing my intimate partners.

Desiring constant validation, I’d opened up to emotional and other types of abuse. growing up feeling unworthy to my own mother resulted in a

need for regular validation in my interpersonal relationships.

“When I’d finally found partners who wanted to be with me , I’d pursue the need

constantly asking them for validation and reassurance

and unconsciously i see today i doubted whether I was good enough enough for them often neglecting my own inner child.

Displaying narcissistic tendencies:

I’d find myself picking up up mother’s narcissistic tendencies — consciously or not as i see it today

“I tried to be better than mother — by ensuring that i was smarter i , in reality I was

the smarter only back then i did not see myself as valuable when Mom was around i’d feel anxious as in here

we go again,” does this sound familiar?

Our childhood impacts our overall health, especially if we had adverse experiences

that went unhealed. 

Potential conditions you might develop as a result of childhood trauma, like growing

up with a mother who behaved in narcissistic manner could include one or more

of the following traits.

 anxiety disorders

 personality disorders

 eating disorders

Please seek help if you feel that you may have identified with any of these traits,

Healing is a lifelong journey but rest assured we can heal and move forward in

Emotionally safe environments.

Seeking a qualified therapist or Dr can help you identify whether you feel a

Parent or partner or any person who you were/are in a relationship with was ever

Toxic allowing you to find your own identity and be happy. We deserve happiness

All my best ,