Women are the biggest victim of emotional abuse in marriages all around the world

We experience a wide array of emotions in our daily lives. Our relationships comprise of both positive and negative feelings. With care, love, compassion, and joy, there also comes jealousy, loathing, hatred, and abuse.

While there are laws in today’s world to strictly prohibit physical abuse, little is acknowledged about emotional abuse, and even fewer cases are reported, leading to low levels of awareness in the general population. 

Emotional abuse, also known as psychological abuse, is the most common type of abuse in which a person is humiliated and verbally assaulted by their partner or family member frequently. 

This can commonly happen between parents and children, husband and wife, siblings, etc. This usually results in the victim being traumatized mentally, and end up developing a variety of negative behaviors which might lead to life-threating situations. 

With time, such victims start showing symptoms of emotional abuse and are likely to have quite a low self-confidence and dignity.

Men often use their dominating position in social cultures to control their partners. The most common symptom of emotional abuse in marriage is the threat to divorce.

Women are mostly subjected to harsh and hurtful words and threats disguised as jokes. They are emotionally abused to the extent that they start losing their self-respect and blame themselves for their situation. They continue to apologize even if they know they are right. This leads them to lose their dignity and self-respect even more.

Another example of symptoms of emotional abuse in marriage is that the victim is restricted to do anything or go anywhere by their own will and has to give an account of their day’s activities to his or her partner.

The constant controlling of a person’s routine is considered as a form of emotional abuse and harassment. This may include technology control, texting, stalking , spying

Married partners are often subjected to emotional abuse by being forced into financial controlling where they are held accountable and criticized for spending on necessities. 

Abusive partners spend little to no money on the victims and shame the victims for trying to spend even their own earning on themselves.

The victims of emotional abuse are often diagnosed with health-related disorders, which can severely affect their physical wellbeing. These include recurring headaches, increase in blood pressure, lack of interest in eating, increase in obesity level, and in severe cases, miscarriage for a pregnant woman.

Depression is the most common physical symptom of emotional abuse where the victim is unable to cope up with their situation and becomes emotionally unstable, leading to a silent but visibly shaken state.PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder is a rare but major symptom of emotional abuse. This usually results in the victim showing violent behavior and irritability.

They have problems in concentration and cannot focus well on anything. Their inability to connect and continue social life leads to many different problems such as drug abuse, self-abuse, and harming others.

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