It’s difficult to love again after abuse and difficult to trust however it is possible

There may be compassionate and kind people who come into our life, but learning to trust them can seem nearly impossible.

 At times we settle for anything better than our past relationships—even if they aren’t great and we don’t truly feel a connection. They’re just someone less toxic than our abuser.

Learning to Love Again Requires Acceptance

I talk a bunch about my abuse because it is truly one of the most important concepts of my healing journey. It’s freeing, empowering, and brings so much peace to know I am aware that change is imminent.

Healing from abuse requires a specific type of acceptance

It’s not about being okay with what happened or forgiving your abuser. It’s about acknowledging the past cannot change and accepting the ways it still affects you today. 

You should still take action to change and improve its impact, but also recognize—in the moment—this particular feeling is your reality and that is okay.

Acceptance is a key part of learning to love again

When we accept our past was traumatic (and acknowledge we can’t change that fact), it will be easier to find partners who also accept this. 

Acceptance helps us boldly live our truths, meaning people who love us for our whole truth will come forward. Authenticity drives connection.

Join me as I walk towards a new journey which includes freedom and empowering others with my story.

Happy New Year 2022 is the year for me All my best to All Soon, Nikki 

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