Sometimes when we need help the most is when it’s hardest to ask for it. But there are solutions to the problem of your depression, and there are tips for how to ask for healing help. On the day that you make a connection with treatment, you will begin a supported journey toward an empowered future.

From logistical issues, like finding someone to do your grocery shopping, to emotional ones, such as coping with anxiety and depression in isolation, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront an experience that can be strangely uncomfortable for many: asking for help.

On that note, you should spend some time thinking about the friends, neighbors or family members in your life who you consider your “support team,” Bouchard suggests. You can literally ask these individuals if it’s okay that you count on them for support during this time.

“Try to create this team of helpers, so that asking for help later on when you really need it isn’t such a big deal,” she says.

We all need help sometimes, but asking for it can feel uncomfortable. The more you do it, the easier it gets. And it’s about more than just helping you get a task done. Helping people is an opportunity to share your gratitude and generosity with others. It’s worth it to muster your courage and ask, “Can you help me?”

Consider reaching out in times where you feel your pain is overwhelming 

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