Most misogynistic behavior is about hostility toward women who violate patriarchal norms and expectations, who aren’t serving male interests in the ways they’re expected to. So there’s this sense that women are doing something wrong: that they’re morally objectionable or have a bad attitude or they’re abrasive or shrill or too pushy. But women only appear that way because we expect them to be otherwise, to be passive.

Misogyny is about men punishing or reacting against women who are trying to break out of the roles that men want to assign to them, because men are threatened by that in some way, or want to maintain the power that they have?

It seems like there are two ways to think about misogyny and power. Surely more. One is when this person is committing some misogynistic act, he’s doing it because he wants to enforce his power and enforce the way women should behave. Another way is saying regardless of what the individual male psychology is, the reason that society allows this to go on is because of the misogynistic structure of society, and the power imbalances, and men wanting to keep women in a specific place. It seems like two separate, related things.

I truly believe in gender equality and that Women are most valuable and virtuous ,yet we are far from society

Acknowledging Women as equal partners . When Women are acknowledged they can thrive and create

Strength and stability as a family, teamwork, is possible . There truly must be honest validation of a Women’s feelings, and of the fundamental right to autonomy. Again I believe working towards interdependence in relationships vs

Co dependence . I believe in family stability whether emotionally, financially, or in relationships Women 

And children must be protected, and can thrive again because life is a journey and not a competition.

There is a better way, my end vision creating happy families. Having come from a broken home this is

A dream a vision I have Women should not have to fight for what are equal opportunities 

Things can only change when women empower ourselves speaking up and advocating for laws to be

Be changed ending coercive control which is psychological and emotional abuse. And tears down victims

And I know men can as well have suffered Trauma but the cycles of abuse must stop, again Trauma has a

Profound impact on survivors both genders can learn to work together and foster happy mutually rewarding relationships. 

Please follow my blogs, and social media your solidarity means more than anything, my pain served a

Purpose and I will advocate for all. I pray Men’s  hearts would be receptive, Women and families that we may be valued .

Women continue to advocate at local, state, federal levels we can raise our voices to end abuse , misogny 

Against Women we are the pillars of family. We need to live free of oppression and society needs embrace us as equal teammates and partners in relationships. 

Because there was no justice in my case there is a man who walks free in society, I was a 16 yr old girl viciously beaten and he was merely issued a citation and deported to Mexico from where he arranged to kidnap me. My life was filled with all kind of Traumas since I was a child . My body was victimized and vandalized by perpetrators men that used and abuse,   but I will never lay down or surrender my dignity.

Today I took all this pain and transformed it to Power. Love ❤️ Heals. I am thriving and I am the Warrior

Voice for Trauma survivors. Today I call on the stronger Women to empower other abuse survivors even

A word of encouragement can touch a hurting heart, help me pass on healing ❤️‍🩹 in the sense of love 

And compassionate care for abuse victims a listening ear or a word of encouragement has power to

Create change. 

Read along to see some brave Women that have stood up for other Women to refuse and accept nothing

Less than respect and validation. Nothing can change unless we demand and advocate for change. The era

Of Women’s right’s is imminent we can no longer deny or conform to abuse whether emotional or physical.




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