Coercive control is the most common form of domestic abuse. Victims can experience abuse without being physical assaulted. But victims that are physically assaulted also experience coercive control.

The high suicide rate is due to the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness some victims feel. Victims of domestic abuse, of physical and coercive control, feel they have no means of escape. Coercive control undermines every aspect of a person’s being. It includes: limiting access to money, isolation, degradation, mind-games, and the micro-regulation of everyday life. The abuser will monitor phone calls, who they see, what they buy. They monitor and watch the victim ready to berate or punish them when they do something they disagree with, or not done their way.

We must continue to advocate at local, city, state, federal levels to pass coercive control laws to protect

Women and children.

I truly believe when we create awareness we empower trauma victims to seek help, and I believe if help

Is available to make perpetrators accountable perhaps Men would not victimize the most vulnerable.

Please follow my page to support me and support all Women, I suffered horrific abuse when I was kept

In captivity kidnapped, my perpetrator was only deported to Mexico after beating me viciously, laws

Need be enacted on domestic violence that include coercive control.

Today I am not only a survivor I hope my book will empower Women this my greatest desire that my

Pain served a purpose.

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