Let us not blame technology companies, we need technology which is necessary to contact emergency contacts

We need social media , it is in the abusers hands that technology control occurs. Social media is not responsible

We need laws to be implemented that will help victims of coercive control.

  • abusive messages or calls
  • account take overs — where someone accesses your online accounts and locks you out of them
  • image-based abuse — when someone shares or threatens to share an intimate image of you without your consent
  • fake social media accounts — when fake accounts are being used to harass you or post negative comments about you online
  • being tracked through a phone or device — when tracking techniques or spyware are used to see where you are

If you are experiencing technology-facilitated abuse as part of domestic or family violence, it can be very distressing. 

If you are unsure if you are at risk of technology-facilitated abuse, read the resource links below

Understand technology-facilitated abuse

Find out about different types of abuse and what you can do to manage online risks. Technology-facilitated abuse is any behaviour that uses technology to harass, monitor, stalk, impersonate or make threats in order to control, frighten or humiliate someone.

Unfortunately here in the US we do not have coercive control laws, the UK does and other countries have as well coercive control abuse laws in place, please help me by following my social media Trauma book page.

Your support means a lot to women, support me Nikki support all Women, we must advocate for laws to protect victims of domestic violence, there Is still so much that can be done to protect Trauma Survivors. My gripping story of abuse is one of many that went without justice, where the justice system failed me when my abductor was merely deported for beating me viciously , he then arranged to kidnap me into Mexico, I suffered lifelong Trauma. This is where i see the need to advocate for tougher laws on coercive control a form of abuse that is yet to be recognized here in the Us. Some states in the US such as Hawaii and California have made powerful changes please refer to the resource links , information on coercive control is available. Time for Women to rise and petition our local state governments even at federal levels to press for change.

We need laws to be implemented that will help victims of coercive control. Abuse is unacceptable. Technology

companies are not responsible for the actions of third parties, this is my personal opinion.

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