FOR many of us, the term science implies something we are happy to leave to the academically advanced. It may pique our interest at times, but that’s about the extent of our involvement. There is a Science, however, that applies to Christianity: the Science of Christ, or Christian Science. It relates to the living demonstration of the timeless truth put forth by the Saviour, Christ Jesus, and it enables us to heal spiritually.

If we wonder how Science can apply to Christianity, we might consider the following questions: Did Jesus understand the nature of God and man? And was he able to prove the truth he taught?

The answer to these questions obviously has to be yes. His healing works demonstrated his understanding of God’s supreme power and goodness. They demonstrated his understanding of the true nature of man as spiritually whole and indestructible. His works made his divine mission scientific in the highest sense. His example was far in advance of our present level of spirituality, yet he expected us to follow him. He said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.”

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